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How has the economy affected business?

How many times have you raised prices over the last 2 years?

When was the last time you raised your prices?

“Before this economy got so bad, what were your plans, what did you want to do in the short term?”

“What about down the road, were you starting to make plans?”

“What does that look like today?”

Our reality today, as business owners, is our profits are under attack. Even if we do well at work, we are paying a lot more for life’s necessities like rent, food and gas.

About Robert Biccum

I have been in the payments space on and off since 2005. The changes that are taking place in the payments processing industry are really exciting from a business owner’s point of view, so I knew I had to get back into it full time. I made a detour into the digital agency space for far too long via all the regular channels so if you need help with that, I can give you some tips.

This is all I do now, and it is serving my customers well. Most are on dual pricing, saving thousands of dollars each year in processing fees.

I am bilingual: Entonces si prifieres hablar en espanol, no hay problema.

You’ll see me bombing around town on my e-bike, deciding if it is a practical way to get around. So far so good for around town but there is that sense of being on a leash because of the battery life.

My goal, with the tools I have, is to add a 13th month (minimum) to your yearly revenues. So, if you make 50K/Mo. or $600K/Year today, my goal is to increase that to $650K/Year (using only my payment systems). As you can tell I am not just the new credit card guy cutting a few cents per day from your credit card fees. I aim to make a difference in your life through credit card processing.

It’s specific and it’s measurable. Call or click today!


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