Design Form

This design form is meant to provide us with the necessary information to create your OneTapConnect card.

Before you begin, please read the following guidelines to ensure the best possible turnaround:

  1. All fields are NOT required. Only provide the information you wish to display on your Digital card.
  2. Keep it short. A digital card is meant to provide a glimpse of who you are and some quick and easy way to learn more about you, save your contact information, and get in touch with you.
    The most converting digital cards are the ones users can quickly read through and find what they need.
  3. Do not worry if you are missing some information, Although the more info the better to speed up the design process, as long as we have all the basics (name, contact info, address, profile picture, website and/or social media profiles), we’ll be able to start designing your card. You can send us the rest of your information later from our Support Page.

Design Form

Connect Card Design Form – 1
Enter your business name as you want it display on your card.
All URL must start with https://
*Cell phone number is required to take advantage of all your mini-website features
*If different from Cell phone number
Would you like your business address to be included in your contact information? If you prefer to keep your address private, select ‘no’.
Important! When someone save your contact to their phone, those keywords will be added to allow them to search for your information within their contacts..
Tell us about your business, specialized services, etc. (maximum 1200 characters)
Have a video to promote your business on Youtube or Vimeo? Please share its URL
Tell us about you, your bio, credentials, experience, etc. (maximum 1200 characters)

Social Profiles

List the social profiles your are actively using for your business

Other Links

Using other online services?

If you use a booking service to allow you customers to schedule appointment online, enter the URL here.
Chose the type of testimonials you want to add (can be both)
Enter a Youtube or Vimeo link

You can add a link to a web page with more testimonials. ex: Google business page, Yelp, etc
You can add a link to a web page with more testimonials. ex: Google business page, Yelp, etc


If you purchased multiple cards and haven’t yet provided the list of your team members, please enter each person contact information below. We’ll take care of onboarding them.

Click the ” + ” icon to add a person.

IMPORTANT! Upload a quality quality headshots which can be cropped into a square without cutting part of your head (accepted file type: JPG,PNG – max file size 10mb)
Upload your company logo (accepted file type: JPG,PNG – max file size 10mb)
Upload an image representing what you or your B\business do. This image will be used for the top cover image of your card.
The best format is 920 x 400px (accepted file type: JPG,PNG – max file size 10mb)
Showcase your business with up to 12 images. (accepted file type: JPG,PNG – max file size 10mb)
Need something else on your card? let us know what you need.

Please note that submitting the information may take some time. Do not refresh or exit the page until you see the confirmation of successful submission.