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Jeffrey Trojacek

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About Freedom Sun LLC

From exploration to installation helping people with quality solar for their home, church and business.

A+ Accredited Rating with the BBB.
30 year warranty on residential
zero down options available.

On the residential side of solar of Freedom Sun LLC we work through Powur; #43 n the top 5000 fastest growing companies. With the help of Powur we help families like yours in 26 states to better understand and go solar with confidence.

It is our choice to work with Powur for many reasons. First of all we want our customers to have tremendous customer support for the long haul. Let’s face it, solar is not a one day purchase. Life is about having the right partners. Secondly we get to share in the buying power for all inventory and better and more financing options than if we were a stand alone shop. Plus through Powur we are able to provide a 30 year no hassle warranty. Thirdly we are able to help people coast to coast.

Also with Freedom Sun LLC all systems are not backed only by manufacturer warranties but also backed by Powur’s 30 year no hassle warranty. We feel this is better than a stand alone shop as many of the stand alone solar shops disappear after the owner decides to retire leaving the homeowner with little or no help if it is needed. Also as we mentioned earlier we now can help people from coast to coast via phone call, text, email and Zoom to help them get the right system. So with Freedom Sun LLC these are just some of the reasons we decided to help people go solar through Powur.

At Freedom Sun LLC we take the time to educate our customers so they understand what they are purchasing and the benefits of that purchase. We seek to have our customers happy for life as we deal only with top rated equipment and warranties as well as extreme customer service. We believe in a high quality product at a fair price. We know that our customers do not like surprises and neither do we. Solar is about clean air, keeping the lights on, more money in your pocket and the freedom all that brings; not surprises.

On the commercial side of solar there is no project too large or too small. We help our customers with quality systems with competitive pricing. We also provide information and the necessary tools to visit with their CPA on REAP Grants, MACRS depreciation and available tax credits that have an impact on so many businesses going solar.

As our customers benefit we benefit as well and they share us with their friends. If you or someone you know are pondering solar and need some clarity, need some peace of mind. We are here to help. Simply email a copy of your electric bill to freedomsunlivefree@gmail.com or text it to 972-430-4303 for your free on your way to freedom proposal.

Congratulations on your quest for freedom. You’re almost there: now just send the text.
Freedom Sun Live Free

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About Jeffrey Trojacek

I started the solar business to help people gain more freedom and independence thus the name Freedom Sun. As a financial advisor for 14 years I noticed that all the products out there dealt with growing your money but not one dealt with fixing a customers expenses. The utility bill was always a variable in the equation and the one way to bring certainty, reliability and predictability is with high quality solar (we offer a 30 year warranty). Bringing peace of mind and certainty to families like mine is a great and worth while thing to do. I have a youtube channel and am a Christian empowerment speaker. I loves spending time with family, reading the Word, and gardening.

I am a life long resident of Ennis, Texas. In everything I do whether it is with my family, helping you with the right solar, helping you with fresh herbs and vegetables from my farm, the right tractor, meeting folks at the grocery store, or having the opportunity to pray with you and lay hands if you’re sick I do it all with the intention and the mindset that God is glorified somehow. No I am not perfect but I have a Savior and a Father who is. It is my goal to be the same exact person whether I helping you with solar or if I’m praying for and laying hands if you’re sick. Matthew 10:7-8. John 14:1-12

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Jeffrey Trojacek

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