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Dr. Ray Watson, DC

  • Dr. Andrea Watson, DC, MS, MBA

About ScaledFitness

The Art of Health & Fitness through Good Nutrition, Functional Exercise & Chiropractic Care. OUR STORY – ScaledFitness was started because I noticed a trend as a chiropractor that the majority of the patients I treated for neuromuscular conditions were overweight or obese. In addition, most of the overweight and obese patients had metabolic syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome is a condition that consists of a series of preventable diseases that may lead to diabetes, heart disease, stroke or even death. The increased weight that many of my patients are carrying around on their bodies is directly connected to the cause of most of their neck, back, hip, knee and ankle pain. After numerous conversations with many of my patients, I discovered that most did not know how to truly improve their health without drugs, surgery or the ever evolving fad diets. In addition, many of my overweight patients were frustrated about their present health and some even resigned to being overweight, obese and/or sick for the remainder of their lives. Out of a strong need, ScaledFitness was born. ScaledFitness is the first “Health Improvement Clinic” designed to provide true Health-Care, not Sick-Care.
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Dr. Andrea and Dr Ray Watson

Dr. Andrea Watson, DC, MS, MBA
On a regular basis, Dr. Andrea is asked questions about food, nutrition, natural health and personal development. She spent more than 25 years researching and learning about the human body as it pertains to food, nutrition, food science, health science, disease prevention, natural health treatments and lifestyles that promote wellness.
Dr. Andrea brings diverse knowledge and experience from working in various industries such as Food Manufacturing, Nutraceuticals Manufacturing, Organization Development, Corporate Training, Management Consulting, Petroleum Wax Manufacturing, Government Contracting and Academia, as a College Professor.

Dr. Ray Watson, DC
On a daily basis, people ask me questions about fitness, exercise, workout programs and diets. I spent more than 40-years working out in gyms all around the world. I have gained knowledge about exercise, proper techniques and effective strategies to develop and reduce fat. Calisthenics, plyometrics, running, weight lifting and cross training are some of the forms of exercise I utilize myself and have utilized with personal training clients.
I served in the United States Military and retired from a career in Law Enforcement. Serving in the military and working in law enforcement required me to make health and fitness a part of my daily routine. This was not difficult because I have always been passionate about health and fitness. Soon after retiring, I decided to pursue a career in health care as a Doctor of Chiropractic. I made a commitment, along with my wife, to dedicate our lives to helping others with health, fitness, wellness, nutrition and chiropractic. I will combine the knowledge that I have obtained over a lifetime about fitness and personal training, with my current doctoral training in chiropractic health care to help others reach their fitness goals.

Dr. Ray Watson DC
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Dr. Ray Watson, DC


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