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If you need a Medicare Advantage plan or supplement or if you are new to Medicare turning 65 losing your group coverage or something related then call Janet Bond a medical specialist who understands what your needs are and she will be happy to guide and answer all your questions. Janet Bond will find a plan specifically beneficial for you and make your transition to Medicare a smooth one. Her purpose is to make your life easier. Let her become your advocate, let her become your consultant not just for now but for a lifetime. Bond is not only her last name, it’s also her word. Call Janet at 954-682-9700 today.

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Ready To Enroll?

Call me today and I will provide you with education and answers to all your questions.

Whether you are new to Medicare or just need a refresher?

Would you like to know about all the rich benefits you can get this year?

Are you ready to enroll?

Talk to me, I’m FREE no Obligation!

I will help you pick a plan or switch plans Need a new doctor, let’s find one Or, if you only want dental and vision For a Retirement Roadmap

Have a 401K from a previous employer and not sure what to do with it?

Let me help and I will create an illustration and help you to understand products that could be leveraged to get you more income in retirement.

Do you have money getting only 1% interest in a CD and having to pay taxes on the interest.

Learn ways to get more than 5% non taxable money with no market loses..

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Janet Bond


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